Within a rigid span of branches
Secret leaves, unborn, effulgent
With message waiting,
Lift silent voices to dreaded winds
That rage with spaces filled,
Their fears released. The beasts of winter.

Inside, suspended lives in favored places
Attend to growth of covert spirits,
Mortals craving to escape the cold;
To plan green leaves and dancing branches,
Sunning places
To warm their souls.

An era of gifts to be opened slowly
With leaves emerging
In measured rewards and bonus returns.
Twin miracles of light and glorious skies
Revisited, awash with rain or brilliant sun
And all our wishful, lingered dreams.

Nature smiles and bears our moments
As winters rush to fill the spaces,
As we await unlocked branches,
As we hear hidden voices decipher
A silent promise
Of summer's echo –

And blooms of secrets.